Together We Stand


The purpose of Crossroads Fellowship Women’s Ministry is entrusting our women with the sound doctrine of God’s Word, training them in consistent obedience to His commands and thoroughly equipping them for every good work so that God will glorify Himself in each of us and prepare us for eternity.


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Crossroads Fellowship Children’s Ministry desires to see children who are God-glorifying, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated, doctrinally-grounded, mission-minded, joyfully-serving, spiritually-fruitful, and fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


We praise God for the gift of our students and prioritize their care and discipleship. Our goal is for youth at Crossroads to surpass us in faith, knowledge, righteousness, fruitfulness, evangelistic zeal, and commitment to world evangelization. We join with parents to nurture the faith of the next generation in a God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated environment.

Young Adult

We are a group of young adults ranging from 18 years of age through thirties. We are single, married, and everything in between. We meet together and wrestle with the hard questions in life and hard theological questions. It is safe to come to our group with all that you are. Bring your faith, your doubt, and your questions and we will struggle to find answers together. All are welcome with us. We are eager to learn more about Christ and to talk about who we need to be in Christ.

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